• projektowanie i produkcja urządzeń energoelektronicznych

ENel Sp. z o. o. 

Polish manufacturer

of inverter welding machines

established 1998

The main area of company activities is the design and manufacture of power electronic devices. We are focused on building modern welding machines, offering high-tech welders. The intention of the founders of the company is producing functional, modern and energy-saving equipment using the latest technology.

Welder at work


Accomplishing the main assumptions of company’s philosophy we create welding equipment, which is based only on inverter technology. This gives us unlimited possibilities in defining machines characteristics and controls. Inverter welding machines allow us to obtain great results and provide better operation comfort than transformer based solutions. Each inverter welder has a relatively low weight and small dimensions in comparison to conventional construction.

Besides welding equipment you can find in our offer high-power power supplies (1 10kVA, e.g. adjustable current sources for electroplating), as well as specialized devices. Stroboscopes of our production can be used in the printing industry for scrolling materials inspection.

Inverter welding machines


Devices offered by our company are built thanks to the hard work of the team of specialists developing its own solutions both in terms of design and technology. While designing devices we use the highest quality electronic components from industry-leading manufacturers.

The ambition of company’s management and employees is systematically extend our offer with increasingly advanced devices that meet growing demands of today’s consumers.